Dayna took a photo of her family. Then she spotted a face she didn't recognise.

It’s been more than three years since Melbourne teenager Dayna Lynch took a photo that scared her entire family, and that she still can’t really explain.

The 18-year-old had wanted to capture a sweet moment between her father and a friend curled up on the couch but instead got something much spookier.

Looking down at the screen of her iPhone, she spotted an eerie figure in the window, a floating face she describes as a “ghost”.

“My family and I were all watching a movie I decided to snap a photo. Immediately afterward when I looked at it I saw this face,” she told Mamamia.

Dayna's photo from February 2014. Source: Supplied

"To start off with I thought it was my brother playing a joke on me and then I realised he was sitting across from me."

Lynch showed her dad, his friend, her brother and step sister - none of them could come up with a logical explanation.

"We all realised it was either a ghost or someone was looking through the window," she said.

The family checked and the door was locked.

They stood behind it and were obscured by the thick frosted glass.

Dayna's brother in front of the same door. Source: Supplied

They tried to recreate the photo again and again, but all they managed to catch was the reflection of a flash on glass.

"We all came to the conclusion that some sort of paranormal activity had occurred," she says.

"I’ve always believed in ghosts but this is the first real evidence I’ve ever seen."

Lynch says she grew up with unusual happenings in her mum's house such as curtains moving, guitars strumming, lights flickering and "basically, everything else you can think of that you see in the movies."

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While this was the first such oddity at her dad's place (her parents are separated), there was a possible explanation.

"The woman immediately recognised the face as her grandma Fatima who had passed away a few days earlier," the teenager explained.

"She said she could feel her presence the entire day and for the next three weeks until one day it just left her.

"It doesn’t terrify me but it spooks me."