If you're going to blow your house deposit on anything, it might as well be this.

Remember that time a baby boomer suggested the reason young Australians can’t afford to enter the property market is because they’re all too busy splashing their cash on smashed avocado on toast?

How about that time a millionaire property developer reasoned that neither smashed avocado, stagnated wage growth or a runaway market was to blame, but rather, the millennials’ love of a latte?

Watch: Property developer Tim Gurner discusses his theory as to why the housing crisis really exists. Post continues… 

Yeah, we remember that too. And so does the hipster Aussie food scene.

Now, they’re coming for those jerks.

“Between saving up for a deposit and all those delicious smashed avos and lattes, it’s hard to find the cash to squeeze in a gelato these days,” N2 Extreme Gelato wrote in a Facebook post on Wednesday while showing off their latest creation.

"Avolato or Gelacado?" Source: Facebook.

"To help us all afford a deposit sooner, we've got this freshly churned coffee gelato in an avocado in the works!"

Yes, you saw that right, friends. It's coffee ice cream inside of an avocado because, well, sometimes Masterchef-like flavour combinations and the soul-destroying prospect of renting forever just pair together magically.

The gelateria's post continues, "until we find the perfect gelato to avocado ratio, we're offering smaller cups starting at $5. Let our gelato be a cold comfort while we all contemplate owning a house by the time we're 50."

The gelateria - who has stores in Melbourne and Sydney (coincidentally both the most expensive cities to buy in) - concludes, "How should we name this - Avolato or Gelacado? Or AvoNONO?"

Personally, we're fans of calling in the Gurnacado or the Avobern, but hey, name as you will. Like all good investors, we'll take 10.

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