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BREAKING: One of the Melbourne Cup horses has died, another is fighting for its life.

Melbourne Cup favourite horse Admire Rakti has collapsed and passed away, five minutes after he finished last in the Melbourne Cup earlier today. He is believed to have suffered a heart attack and internal bleeding, though an autopsy is yet to be conducted.

Rakti was visibly weak and hobbling to the finish line during the race.

Obviously there will have to be an autopsy done and the vets are with it now. He collapsed while they were unsaddling him back at the stalls,” Racing Victoria Chief Steward Terry Bailey said. 

Another horse, Araldo, has shattered a cannon bone after a little boy waved a white flag in the horses face, causing him to jump the steel rail.

Mike Moroney has said veterinary surgeons are currently trying to save Araldo’s life, The Age reports.

This will be the second year a horse has died following the Melbourne Cup. Last year Verema dropped out of the race at about the halfway mark, and snapped a large bone in his lower leg. Victoria Racing Club stewards at the time confirmed that the horse was put down, shortly after the race.

1. Melbourne Cup

Precedence is the oldest horse in the race

More than 100,000 people are expected to attend Flemington – and more than 700 million people in more than 120 countries are expected to watch as the 154th Melbourne Cup takes place today.

Admire Rakti remains the Melbourne Cup favourite while the sentimental bet is Bart Cummings veteran stayer Precedence – the oldest horse in the race – who is co-owned by Bart’s grandson James.

Today’s field could be reduced to 22 with Cavalryman in doubt due to ankle swelling and Sea Moon scratched.

 2. School boy jailed for life

Will Cornick was 15 at the time of the murder.

A British schoolboy who stabbed a teacher to death in front of her class has been jailed for 20 years for her murder.

Will Cornick was 15 when he stabbed Spanish teacher Ann Maguire seven times with a kitchen knife Corpus Christi Catholic College in Leeds, northern England, in April.

The court heard that after killing her he sat back down at his desk and said “good times” reports the BBC.

 3. More terror raids to come

AFP assistant commissioner Neil Gaughan  has told Q&A that people should prepare for more terror raids.

He told the program that the 800-strong raids in Sydney and Brisbane were not overkill.

“What we will see now is more raids like we saw in Sydney because the environment has changed,” he said.

“The paradigm has changed such that we will be forced to react much quicker than what we previously have, and I think the community will see more of this where we will do a large number of execution of search warrants and probably only one or two arrests.


 4. Woman pretended to have cancer to scam money

Elle’s cancer battle was documented.

A woman has been called disgusting, vile and putrid after a Facebook page set up to raise money for her supposed ovarian cancer has been exposed as a fraud.

The mother of six pretended she was dying from stage three cancer and was attempting to raise $1600 a month for medical expenses.

For more read this post here.

 5. 13-year old boy overdoses while trick or treating

Police are investigating after a 13-year old boy on Sydney’s Northern Beaches swallowed amphetamines and collapsed while trick-or-treating last Friday night.

The boy collapsed and was rushed to hospital.

The Manly Daily reports that doctors confirmed he had taken a quantity of an amphetamine substance.

6. Asylum Seekers claims of torture and threats of rape

The ABC reports that an asylum seeker identified only as Mike has claimed that in the wake of the murder of Reza Barati

he and another detainee at Manus Island were tortured, physically assaulted, threatened with rape and forced to sign papers withdrawing their witness accounts about what took place on the night Reza Barat died.

The ABC reports that a spokesperson for Immigration Minister Scott Morrison  has said the claims were investigated and found to be without foundation.

7. Verbal attack on pregnant woman

Nine News has aired footage of a disgraceful verbal attack on a pregnant woman who had come to the defense of two other mothers.

The women were travelling on a bus in North Brisbane.

One woman who had to move for two prams began by saying “I don’t hate adults, I hate kids.”

A pregnant woman nearby intervened saying” if you don’t shut the f**k up, someone on this bus is gonna punch you in the face,

“And it’s probably gonna be me.”

The first woman replied saying, “You know what’ll happen”

“What’?  Said the pregnant woman”

“You’ll probably lose the baby.”

“Are you threatening me?” replied the pregnant woman.

The argument filmed by passengers went on for 20 minutes.

 8. Incest matriarch to appeal

The mother at the centre of the NSW incest cult known as Betty Colt has appealed her sentencing yesterday.

The matriarch of the alleged incest family was sentenced yesterday for at least nine months for trying to kidnap her sons out of foster care.

48-year-old ‘Colt’ had attempted to coerce her two sons, aged 14 and 15 to leave foster care and run with her to South Australia.


Detectives allegedly recorded a phone call where she asked her sons not to tell anyone who their father is reports Fairfax Media.

Defence lawyer Philip Carey who appealed the sentence later yesterday said the mother-son relationship may be an “unusual and difficult” for people to understand.

9. Ban-Ki-Moon

Whoops. Sorry Austria. We know who you are.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has made a slip o the tongue in thanking his hosts Australia while on a trip to Austria.

“I thank in particular President Heinz Fischer and the government of Australia,” Ban told reporters at a UN conference in Austria reports Reuters.

20 minutes later corrected himself and apologised saying: “There are no kangaroos in Austria. Sometimes this happens, I hope you understand.”

 10. British banker appears in court

29-year old Rurik Jutting

A British banker has appeared in court in Hong Kong to face two counts of murder.

It follows the discovery of the bodies of two women in an apartment in Wan Chai district in the early hours of Saturday.

The Guardian reports that one of the victims was discovered stuffed inside a suitcase on the balcony of the 31st-floor apartment. The other was found lying inside with cuts on her body.

29-year old Rurik Jutting did not ask for bail.

10. Rapist’s revenge

An Indian father is accused of taking revenge on the man he believed raped his 14-year old daughter by inviting him to dinner then tying him up and using heated tongs to burn his genitals.

The Indian Express reports that the 36-year old father strangled the alleged rapist to death.

According to police he had not reported his daughter’s rape for fear she would be branded with a bad name.

11. Who is better at baby talk Mums or Dads?

Who is better at parentese?

It is known that it is vitally important to language development and academic performance but a new study has actually examined which parent is better at baby talk.

A study in the journal Pediatrics looked at how both mothers and fathers talked to their young babies.

It found that mothers were more likely to respond 88% to 94% of the time to their babies vocalizations, while dads responded only 27% to 33% of the time.

Time reports that both boys and girls were also more likely to respond to their mothers’ or female voices than they were to male voices.

Researchers say that it could be because mothers use more “mother-ese — the higher pitched, sing song-y conversational tone that women, more than men, tend to adopt with infants.”

12. Most stressful time of the day

A study revealed by Allianz Insurance has found that parents’ stress levels are 30% higher as they get ready for the school run and peak at 8.15am.


The British study looked at the levels of cortisol that is the stress hormone in parents during the morning peak.

The study reported by The Daily Mail showed that for many the school run could dictate their mood for the rest f the day.

30 % said the school run could ‘mess up timings for the rest of the day’.

1 in 4 said it ‘sets their mood for the rest of the day – good or bad’.

13. Daredevil walk

A man has completed a daredevil walk between Chicago skyscrapers without either a net or a harness.

35-year old Nik Wallenda broke two world records with two high-wire walks between Chicago skyscrapers doing the second walk blindfolded.

His first walk was on a steel wire more than two city blocks uphill, 50 stories above the Chicago River.

With the second he broke the world record for the highest blindfolded high-wire walk.

Tens of thousands of people watched him from the streets below.

14. Steve Jobs memorial dismantled

A memorial to the Apple founder Steve Jobs has been dismantled in Russia under the country’s restrictive “gay propaganda” laws, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.

The monument, a two-metre-high iPhone, was first erected outside a St Petersburg college in January 2013 — and the Russian group of companies behind its construction, ZEFS, removed the monument on Friday after Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook announced he is homosexual.

By law in Russia “gay propaganda and other sexual perversions among minors are prohibited.” ZEFS says this is why they removed the giant iPhone tribute, citing it was “in an area of direct access for young students and scholars.”

President Vladimir Putin signed such laws to promote “traditional values,” The Sydney Morning Herald reports.

15. New app doles out fashion advice

Users can vote on “style-dilemmas”

A new app allows users to access fashion advice from people around the world, The Daily Mail reports.

The Okay Fashion app allows users to upload photos of their outfits alongside “style-dilemma” questions, which other users can vote and comment on. There is also the ability to choose who you want as advisers, by selecting countries or credentials, or choosing the app’s recommendations.

The app was first released in France, but now has 50,000 users worldwide.

Celebrities are already getting on board, fans including actress Diane Kruger, and The Hills’ Stephanie Pratt.

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