12 photos that show the Melbourne Cup wasn't always so perfectly styled.

This is it, folks! Melbourne Cup — the dresses that stop a nation.

Prepare to peruse some fabulous fashion today and while we’re at it, shall we have a quick stroll down memory lane?

Some of our fashion favourites will be appearing at the Spring Racing Carnival looking hatted and flawless. But we’ve dragged up a few photos from the last 15 years when some of them had a slightly different taste in fashion.

Who can forget the time the Hilton sisters came to the classiest day of the fashion year? Displayed midriffs were a giant no-no… until Paris Hilton came along, belly-button and all.

Here’s a few photos to giggle over. Thank you, Melbourne Cup.





Jen Hawkins 2004 MC
The most awkward picture of Jennifer Hawkins we’ve ever seen — but still cute. 2004, Image: Getty.


Anthony Callea looking shady in 2005. Getty Images.


Bec Judd 2004
Rebecca: The Twigley days, before she was a Judd. 2004. Image: Getty.


The winners of Myer’s Fashion On The Field in 2002, when strappy shoes and uneven hemlines were IN. Getty Images.


Jennifer Hawkins and Carson Kressley having a weird hug in 2007. Getty Images.


Paris checks to see if her vagina is showing while Nicki smiles for the cameras. 2006, Getty Images.


Stephanie McIntosh and Megan Gale, and very pointy shoes. 2006, Getty Images.


Fashions on the Field finalists, 2005. Long dresses and frills everywhere. Getty Images.


Rebecca Judd looking snuggly, 2009. Getty Images.



Laura Dundovic and the least convenient hat ever. 2009, Getty Images.



Mischa Barton makes an appearance in 2012. Getty Images.


Gabi Grecko keeps it subtle with Jeffrey Edelsten in 2014. Getty Images.

Take a look at all the style from Melbourne Cup 2015: