A taste of the best moments from the Melbourne Comedy Festival.


Book your tickets and massage your jaws in preparation, because the 2017 Melbourne International Comedy Festival has officially begun.

Experiencing a live comedy show is brilliant no matter what happens. If it’s bad, you can laugh about it. If it’s good, you can laugh about it too.

It’s a win-win.

Victorian dwellers may be the only ones lucky enough to experience the festival firsthand but that doesn’t mean other states will miss out. Most of the bigger comics embark on national tours following their festival appearances.

The below list captures some of our favourite female talents and where you can see them at this year’s festival and beyond.

Becky Lucas

Becky Lucas. (Source: Facebook.)

Becky Lucas is a young comedian whose wit is that perfect balance between dry and sharp. Lucas has written for Josh Thomas' hit show Please Like Me, supported Wil Anderson and Joel Creasey on tour and generally kicked career goals.

Lucas' touring dates and cities can be found: here.

DeAnne Smith

DeAnne Smith. (Source: Facebook.)

DeAnne Smith's comedic style is the kind of self-deprecation that immediately warms her to audiences. The Canadian born comic admits she has a soft spot for Australia and regularly appears on screens down under.

Smith's touring dates and cities can be found: here.

Geraldine Quinn

Geraldine Quinn. (Source: Facebook.)

Geraldine Quinn is an entertainment powerhouse. Quinn's style is bold, sassy and brilliant. Her shows give audiences a sparkle to their step and a story to tell later.

Quinn's touring dates and cities can be found: here.

Urzila Carlson

Urzila Carlson. (Source: Facebook.)

Urzila Carlson is a master of comedic storytelling. Carlson takes the most mundane aspects of life and transforms them into laugh-out-loud hilarity.

Carlson's commentary on Australian life is so spot on, you'll wonder if her thick South African accent is just part of the act.


Carlson's touring dates and cities can be found: here.

Ruby Wax

Here's looking at you, Ruby Wax. (Source: Getty Images.)

Ruby Wax is an international megastar whose talents have seen her on screens for the past thirty years. Wax began her career as an actress but has since turned her talents to writing and comedy performances.

Wax recently made the headlines for saying she was kicked off Donald Trump's private jet in the '90s. If that's not a claim to fame then i'm not sure what is.

Wax's touring dates and cities can be found: here.

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival runs from the March 29 to April 23. 

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