Melania Trump's Valentine's Day tweet had one glaring oversight. Her husband.


Oh, Melania. How to send a message without actually sending a message, eh?

It’s Valentine’s day, which also means a total saturation of messages of love on social media. It means roses and love hearts and nice messages and odes to partners. Or, in Melania Trump’s case, it means none of the above.

The First Lady tweeted her own Happy Valentine’s message with one rather glaring omission:

Where, ah, is The Donald?

LISTEN: Melania broke tradition by wearing white to the State of the Union address, and we’re not sure what she was trying to tell us.

Her followers weren’t slow on pointing it out:

Soon after came the comparisons between Melania’s Valentine’s day message and Michelle Obama’s ode to her husband:

Considering there are reports a porn star by the name of Stormy Daniels is about to make public the details of her affair with Trump, we’re inclined to support the First Lady’s decision to ignore her husband on a day dedicated to love.

An eye for an eye and all that.