What on earth is Jessica Alba's light mask and should we be trying it?

Image via Instagram (@jessicaalba).

As she gets ready to launch a cosmetics range with The Honest Company, you’d expect Jessica Alba to be on the pulse when it comes to all things beauty.

So while we weren’t surprised to see the actress sharing a selfie mid-treatment (above), we were confused about what she was actually doing in the photo she captioned: “Emergency session before work”.

After pondering whether she’s auditioning for a role in a new sci-fi film, we figured out that the truth is much more skincare oriented. Turns out the 34 year old was actually enjoying a quick at-home LED light therapy session. Yes, they’re not just something you can access in a clinic now.

A tool for skin rejuvenation, light therapy involves intense LED light applied at certain frequencies for set durations in very close proximity to the skin. Brands like Omnilux are probably the most well known of these non-invasive treatments.

“It’s become popular in recent times because it’s one of the few aesthetic treatments currently available that is without any discomfort. In fact, many have even described the treatment as enjoyable,” explains skin expert and facialist to the stars Melanie Grant from Double Bay Clinic.

Masks will soon be available from Melanie Grant. Image via Instagram (@melaniegrantdbc)

It has benefits for skin of all ages and, depending on the LED light colour and frequency, can be used to treat everything from acne, skin tone, texture, fine lines and help wound healing.

While LED light therapy itself is well established (Grant has been doing the treatment at her Sydney clinic for many years) it's only in the last 12 to 18 months that the technology has developed to a point that it is effective in mask form.

"It works by LEDs of differing frequencies lined throughout the mask. They are a more portable and less powerful version of the light therapy devices we have in my clinic," she says. (Post continues after gallery.)

While it works well as a one off for a special event, for best results a series of regular treatments is advised.

"Once a week in clinic is a good rule of thumb - this can be more or less frequent as recommended by your skin professional," says Grant.

Currently Melanie Grant is the only Australian stockist of the 'Opera' mask. Sessions at clinics generally start at around $90.
Have you had LED light therapy before?