The unusual rules Melania Trump has to follow now she's moved to the White House.

Almost five months on from her husband taking office as the 45th President of the United States, Melania Trump has officially moved into the White House with son Barron.

“Looking forward to the memories we’ll make in our new home,” she tweeted from her new home on Sunday, adding the hashtag #MovingDay.

What the First Lady and her 11-year-old son may not have known prior to their Washington relocation, though, is that living in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue comes with some seriously strict rules.

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For starters, any structural renovations, modifications or modernisations the First Lady may wish to carry out within the President’s private living quarters must be (thankfully) approved by Congress, and changes to historically significant rooms – including the Lincoln Bedroom, the State Dining Room and the Green Room – are almost near impossible to get through.

So it’s likely the gold TRUMP lettering we’ve all been worried will appear any day now should actually be left on the scrap heap and not make it into America’s most prestigious home.

melania trump white house
Here we go. Source: Getty.

But the "room designated for hair, makeup, and wardrobe" Melania spoke of back in January? Oh, you'd better believe that's within her rights to install.

As to any interior changes Melania and her preferred designer Tham Kannalikham might wish to make, the allowances are slightly more relaxed.

Thanks to Congress, the 47-year-old has a US $100,000 budget that permits the White House's new inhabitants to change over any furniture, bedding, rugs and decorations within the two-storey 55,000-foot abode and can even repaint and wallpaper if they wish. (Post continues after gallery.)


If popping down to the nearest Pottery Barn isn't Melania's thing, there's an entire warehouse full of priceless (and extremely pricey) interior pieces to pull from at her disposal (think Norman Rockwell paintings and 16th Century French sideboards).

Additionally, the billionaire family can, if they choose to, follow the time-honoured tradition of leaving something of significance behind for future families to enjoy - like Truman's bowling alley, Eisenhower's home cinema, JFK's swimming pool, and Obama's tennis-cum-basketball court.

Whether or not it's a ratty old toupee plucked from Donald's private collection, only time will tell.

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As for rules Barron must follow, former First Lady Michelle Obama has some offered Melania some hard-learned advice.

"Sasha opened her (bedroom) window once and there were calls," Michelle said. "It never opened again. "

Of living in the iconic residence she added, "You really don't know what you don't know until you're here."