Take the hint, Donald Trump: Melania doesn't want to hold your hand.

Oh, Melania.

Is there something up with Donald’s hand?

Just a day after making international headlines for swatting her husband’s hand away in Israel, Melania Trump is accidentally making headlines again for, well, exactly the same thing.

As the President and First Lady stepped off the plane in Rome on Tuesday, they posed for some photos and waved to the flock of journalists awaiting their arrival.

And as Trump went to grab his wife’s hand, she wasn’t having a bar of it. Again.

It’s certainly not the first time the body language of the Trumps has been analysed to allow us to draw conclusions about their marriage.

When Trump arrived at his inauguration back in January, headlines were a plenty after he bolted from his car upon arriving at the White House, leaving Melania in his wake.

In considering the behaviour, body language expert Patti Wood told News Corp it was cause for concern.

Listen: A brief explainer as to the latest US Presidential drama. (Post continues after audio.)

“What I didn’t see when they stepped out of that car was warmth or tenderness,” Wood told News Corp at the time.

“There were several ways in which Trump could’ve waited for his wife before greeting the Obamas, which he failed to do.

“Instead, he walked ahead and left her behind, showing that he is more important and takes precedence.”