What's inside the Tiffany box Melania Trump gave Michelle Obama? We have an answer.

It was the gift-giving moment that gave us one of the best – and most hilarious – GIFS from President Donald Trump’s inauguration. We’ve all been Michelle Obama in this moment.

But what we really need to know is…what was in that ridiculously huge Tiffany box?

Tiffany said in a statement: “The White House has been a patron of the House of Tiffany & Co since Abraham Lincoln,” which really doesn’t answer our question.


The box is way too outlandishly big for it to be a piece of jewellery, and internet speculation has ranged from a clock to a mug, to maybe even a key ring.

To put your mind at ease (and to help you procrastinate), we’ve dug around the Tiffany and Co website and narrowed down some possibilities.

It’s very likely this photo frame worth US$950 (AU$1257).

It’s the most expensive version of the Secret Santa fall back gift we’ve ever seen, and the perfect present to give to someone when you’re kicking them out of their house and moving in.

And most importantly, it’s the right size and shape for the gift box.

melania tiffany gift
The most expensive photo frame we've ever seen. Image via Tiffany.

But it could also be any one of these overpriced, unnecessary more unusual, great gifts.

Like this key ring worth US$3000 (AU$3970), which is among Tiffany's most well-known products.

melania tiffany gift
You wouldn't want to lose your keys. Image via Tiffany.

Meryl Streep for President on Mamamia Out Loud. 

Or this sterling silver pasta server, which will set you back US$350 (AU$463).

melania tiffany gift
Could it be? Image via Tiffany

Or this clock that'll help you tell the time for just US$2800 (AU$3705).

melania tiffany gift
You'll never be late for work again! Image via Tiffany.

Or it could be a pen or some candlesticks or a spoon? Really, the suspense is killing us.