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Mel Greig opens up about her ex-husband's cheating, and why she kept it secret.

Just weeks after her divorce from ex-husband Steven Pollock was finalised, Mel Greig has opened up about the “heartbreaking” infidelity that played a “huge part” in their split.

The radio presenter revealed her former partner had cheated on her with multiple women during their relationship and marriage on Channel Seven’s The Daily Edition on Thursday.

Greig said she has tried to keep the reasons behind their marriage break down private since she announced the split in April 2016.

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However, that hope was dashed when she caught wind of women claiming to have slept with Pollock approaching news outlets and magazines to sell their story.

“Steven and I dealt with it privately, but I didn’t want our friends and family to hear about it from someone looking for their 15 minutes of fame,”  the 34-year-old told  Adelaide Advertiser’s Confidential.

“Most had no idea that it had happened and ideally we would have kept it that way.

“It absolutely broke my heart but time heals all, I’ve dealt with it and moved on.”

Grieg told The Daily Edition that revealing the infidelity was not about slandering Pollock, who she wed in November 2014, but stopping other women from “selling their story”.

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“I am aware of it, he is aware of it. He is sorry for it, he is not proud of it. There is no point, leave it be,” she said.

“I did not want to drag him through the mud. If someone wants to control my story, I don’t want that. Now I am in a position where I need to talk about it.”

The media personality’s admission on Channel Seven follows an announcement from Pollock on Thursday that he’s in a new relationship with Kristen Whitaker.

Would you try to hide an ex’s infidelity from friends and family?