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Mel Greig: "It's my first Christmas without my mum. But I know she's still with me."


This Christmas will be my first without my mum. She passed away from pancreatic cancer a few months ago.

Of course, I’m not the only one. A lot of families will have one of the happiest days of the year become their saddest, because they are missing a loved on, but it doesn’t need to be that way: You could take the option of choosing to believe.

A young Mel with her mum (Image: Supplied)

I believe in the afterlife, I believe in the spirit world and the reason I believe in it is because I’ve been fortunate enough to connect with my mum since her passing and I’m sharing this to give you hope and to let you know that it is ok to believe in what some people say doesn’t exist.


Charmaine Wilson is a Psychic Medium who first came into my life when I worked on the Hot 30 Countdown, it was Halloween and we wanted to do a segment on ‘ghosts’. My co-host and I at the time had both lost someone close to us but we didn’t reveal any details of who they were.

Mel and her husband, Image via Instagram

I was up first and within two minutes Charmaine had identified that I wanted to connect with my Grandma from my mum’s side and her name was Mona . . . . That was all true, except her name was Moona and that was a nickname we’d come up with as kids, she then went on to confirm an incredible amount of private information that just can’t be guessed.

Charmaine told me that my grandma was at peace, and to hear those beautiful words gave me instant relief. So when my mum passed away I waited a couple of months and then I reached out to Charmaine to help me connect with my mum. This time, my mum was a skeptic so I was worried it wouldn’t work.

The moment came and I was feeling sick with anticipation, I needed the closure and I needed to know that mum was okay. Once again, within minutes Charmaine had connected.

I didn’t get too emotionally involved in anything she was telling me that could have been seen on social media or read online . . . I was looking for moments that couldn’t be questioned, moments that couldn’t be guessed.

The first moment which triggered a huge bout of hysterical crying was when Charmaine told me that mum said I needed to get her wedding ring from dad, that she knows I like to wear it on my opposite hand. Mum ended up in hospital last year the day before my wedding, she gave me her wedding ring and I wore it on my opposite hand on my wedding day as it was a perfect fit and that was something special and private between us. Dad has held onto it, not knowing who to give it to.


From there the moments just kept flowing. Charmaine apologised and said ‘I know your mum’s name starts with Z but I’m not sure how to pronounce it’. Yes, it does start with Z and if you were going to just guess you certainly wouldn’t throw a Z out there.

Mel’s mum on her wedding day.

It even got to the point where mum’s lingo was coming through, she cheekily laughed about how she had kept all of her old records and they’ve now come back into fashion. She always used to hold onto things because she believed they would ‘come back into fashion’.

Charmaine also said, ‘Your mum loved her sewing but unfortunately it’s not a trait that was passed onto any of her three blue-eyed daughters.’ All true.

She described what my mum looked like down to her minimal make-up and jewellery and finally, that my mum was happy she could dance again after breaking her hip.

By the end of the session my tears were of happiness and relief, my mum wasn’t trapped in a dark box (her greatest fear), she was free and she was happy.

It breaks my heart not having my mum here, I just got a new job after such a battle and my first reaction was to call my mum and share the news. When our loved ones pass, it is beyond devastating and for some people it can be really hard to move forward.


But, for people who are aching – you can choose to believe. Your loved ones aren’t gone, they are around you still and you should choose to believe that they will be there with you Christmas Day smiling on and enjoying it with you. Open your mind and know that it’s okay to believe.

Mel discusses the loss of her mum on Celebrity Apprentice. Post continues below. 

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It’s true what they say about lights going on and off, the TV turning itself on . . . these are all signs, and mum has been doing it a lot lately.

I don’t give a rat’s ass if someone is reading this and thinking ‘what a load of crap’ or ‘is she crazy? Believing gives me peace and I’m not sharing this to convert the sceptics, I’m sharing it for the people that have hope that their loved ones are ok . . . because they are, choose to believe.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

How do you feel about psychics?