A hungover Mel Greig just did the last thing we'd want to do after a big night.

Poor Mel Greig.

Last night, she was glammed up to the max for the Maxim Australia fifth birthday bash.

Dressed in a cape dress and knee high boots, she spent the night rubbing shoulders with Fiona Falkiner and Robyn Lawley, drinking and dancing the night away.

This morning? A very different scene.


The glitz and the glamour of the red carpet? Long gone. The flowing champagne? A distant-and-slightly-blurred memory.

Instead, the radio host found herself cleaning up dog poo that her “baby” Mia had kindly left for her – all the while battling a very tired and sore head.

Not exactly the ideal hangover activity. (Post continues after gallery.)

Proving there’s nothing like scooping up poop for a reality check, Greig has just nailed the feels of many Aussies on the morning after a big night out.

So whether you’re battling at work, dealing with screaming toddlers or cleaning up metaphorical or literal sh*t like Greig, our thoughts are with you.

Image: Instagram/@melgreigradio