On their first date, a man asked Mel Greig if he could stay at her place. Then things got weird.


Ask any singleton out there right now and they’ll confirm to you that dating in the modern era is not an easy (mostly online) battlefield to navigate. And if the singleton you happen to be asking is radio presenter Mel Greig, well, she’ll definitely confirm it.

Writing for YahooBe earlier this week, the 34-year-old shared that she has recently been victim to one of the modern woman’s greatest dating fears: the man who moves in on the first date and takes your money while they’re at it.

We’ll give you a minute to get all of those shudders out of your system before we continue.

Mel Greig. Source: Instagram.

Okay, ready?

“I went on a first date and the guy ended up needing a place to stay, so after a few wines I kindly/stupidly said he was welcome to stay with me for a few days whilst he found a place,” Greig says pointing out that it was probably right around that time that she should have considered why he didn't have anyone else in his life that he could ask for help - also known as Red Flag Number 1.

Greig continues, "the third day in, I get a phone call from him in tears saying his bank account had been hacked and he had no access to money because his account was now locked. He asked to borrow money, and given all of his possessions were in my house and he wasn’t going anywhere, I said yes and I loaned him the money."

When addressing the question of why she would risk doing something like that, Greig says the decision was simple. "I’m not an ass**le. He was crying and he was desperate, and I chose to see the best in someone, and to not judge the situation he was apparently in."


The problem being, though, it appears he was not in a situation at all.

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As soon as the loan went through, Greig stopped hearing from him. A day passed, and then another and another.

Now, she says, it's been two weeks and the only contact they've had is the man telling her to throw out his possessions and blocking her on social media.

"At this point I feel sorry for him," Greig says.

Mel Greig. Image via Instagram.

"I don't hate him and I’m not going to waste my energy chasing the money. I know what it’s like to hit rock bottom, to be judged, and to feel you have nothing."

She adds, "This won’t change the way I help others either, because like I said at the start, this is a reflection of him not me, and I can’t let his behaviour change who I am."

Well, you're a lot kinder and calmer than we are, Greig, that's all I can say.