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Mel B denies some very ugly rumours about her husband.





Former Spice Girl Mel B has gone on the record to assure the world that her husband is not abusing her.

It comes comes after her husband, 39-year-old producer Stephen Belafonte, himself had to come out and say the same thing.

Why the extraordinary denials?

Because the UK and US tabloids have been in a frenzy of speculation about the couple’s marriage since Mel, 39, was taken to hospital in England on December 15th, suffering from severe stomach pain.

She later appeared on her TV show, The X Factor UK, with what looked like scratches and bruises. Viewers were also quick to notice she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring.

Even in Britain, where the tabloid press are notoriously brutal, it seems strange immediate;y make the link between a hospital trip to domestic violence.

But the reason behind the speculation comes from Stephen’s past. Belafonte has a history of violence, both domestic and criminal. In 2000, he was charged with assault. In 2003, he beat a mallard duck to death with a brick. And just three months before this incident, he admitted to beating his then-wife, Nicole Contreras, in a ‘vicious and unlawful’ attack.

Mel B and husband Stephen Belafonte. Image via Instagram.

As it stands, Nicole has spoken publicly about forgiving Stephen for his attack, calling him a “changed man”.  He never served jail time for his abuse and instead was ordered to complete a year-long domestic violence program, from which he was removed – twice.

In 2010, Stephen was caught on camera engaging in violent behaviour during a bar fight after a patron allegedly made derogatory comments about Mel. At the time, she told the media her husband was just protecting her.

Mel and Stephen. Image via Instagram.

Mel frequently posts to social media about her husband and their relationship. A week before the rumours began, she wrote: “You are my rock and my everything. Without you, life couldn’t even be possible.”

We just hope this is the first step to Mel B getting her health and happiness back on track.