This TV reporter was labelled 'wh*ore' and 'escort' for her outfit choice. We're not seeing it.



There was a lot to take away from the Republican National Convention.

Whether it was the small and failed attempt from the No-Trump section of the Republican party to get rid of him to Donald Trump‘s concert-like entrance or when Ted Cruz was booed for not endorsing Trump.

But, thanks to some of the sweet souls on the Internet, most of those important/somewhat humorous points were dismissed for something far more important.

What was this very important part, you ask?

The clothes on Fox News presenter, Megyn Kelly’s body (or lack thereof, for some).

While presenting at the convention, Kelly wore this dress:

The dress in question. 

While there was plenty going on at the convention, Twitter ignited into a spiral of hatred towards Kelly and her dress.

One user tweeted, "...teach that freak not to dress like an escort" with more individuals comparing her to a prostitute.

But, not everyone has been so critical of Kelly, calling out the hypocrisy of sexualising the presenter:

This isn't the first time Kelly has been slammed by the public, particularly around her interactions with Donald Trump.

Earlier this week, Kelly also spoke out against sexual harassment in her industry by a younger reporter at Fox News.