Meghan Trainor just took an epic tumble during a live performance.

There’s not a whole lot you can do while watching something like this unfold other than cringe a little and a mutter some form of “poor old Meghan Trainor” through a stifled giggle.

Oh, and also thank a galaxy of lucky stars that it wasn’t you.

 Meghan Trainor performed on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon overnight, and the 22-year-old managed to make her way through an entire four-minute performance before taking an impressive stumble just as the song had ended.
Even Fallon himself recognised how unlucky (?) the singer was to be caught out by some mammoth heels in the last second, running on stage and rather unhelpfully acknowledging that “you were so close!”

Livin the dream???????????????? @fallontonight

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Trainor was performing her newest single from her Thank You album, “Me Too”when she lost the battle with gravity, understandably staying put on the floor for a while to hide embarrassment. But it was Fallon who came out of the entire scenario looking ever the professional, putting the singer at ease by simply running onto the stage and lying on the floor with her.

 Trainor acknowledged the fall on Instagram, “Might have fell down… but I KILLLED that sh*t hahaha #keepinitreal thank you @fallontonight for having me’.
It’s not the first time the grammy-award winning singer has made headlines with her newest single, just last week taking down the video for her new song “Me Too” upon realising it had been edited to make her look slimmer than she really is.

  Might have fell down… but I KILLLED that shit hahaha #keepinitreal ???? thank you @fallontonight for having me❤️ #metoo   A photo posted by Meghan Trainor (@meghan_trainor) on

Just yesterday Trainor spoke to Good Morning America, telling the show it wasn’t her intention to become the poster-girl for photoshop, but it seems that’s the way it’s all played out.

“I don’t know how you would shave my waist off. Like me, as the ‘All About That Bass’ girl,” she said. “I didn’t want this song to be the new anthem for Photoshop, but obviously it’s still a big issue and we’re still talking about it.”