The first official royal gift Meghan Markle received is a teeny bit (very) cringe-worthy.

If you’re still mad at receiving a pair of salad tongs from Aunt Barbara for Christmas, or a set of crocheted tea towels from Grandma Linda for your birthday last year, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Because not even soon-to-be royal Meghan Markle is immune from receiving some rather questionable gifts.

And by ‘questionable’ we mean ‘actually kind of patronising and not at all fitting for a feminist woman who is about to change the history of the royal family’.

Every January, the royal family releases an official list of all the bits and bobs they were gifted the previous year. The list includes gifts given by powerful political figures as well as adoring fans. It’s very comprehensive.

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The list reveals the very first gift Meghan Markle – who announced her engagement to Prince Harry in late November – was gifted.

It was accepted on behalf of her almost-brother-in-law Prince William during an official visit to Finland last year… and it was… an apron.


While it might have something to do with the fact Harry and Meghan revealed their proposal took place over a “night in with a roast chicken”, we can’t help but feel Meghan got a little… ripped off with this gift.

Especially considering on the very same trip Prince William was gifted a wristwatch, a bottle of gin and TWO fabric gnomes.


Especially since Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, was gifted a necklace.

meghan markle face unimpressed
TFW your sister gets a necklace and you get... an apron. Image via Getty.

And especially considering we highly doubt Meghan will want to whip up Prince Harry a batch of cookies once she has access to a royal chef.

But it's not all bad news: during their most recent royal outing to Cardiff Castle, they were given their very first joint wedding present.

Two adorable kids presented the engaged pair with a Celtic love spoon engraved with their names.


Of course, as upset as we are about Meghan's bizarre gift (on the upside, things can only get better from here, right?) there's still a lot to love about the royals' official gift list for 2017.

Like the fact Prince George and Princess Charlotte were given adorable, matching mini chef outfits. Or that the Queen's corgis were given a purple fleece dog bed.

Prince Andrew was also given a prosthetic hand, which may just be the only gift that could possibly be worse than an apron.

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