This is how Meghan Markle has to sit if she wants to be a royal.

We’ve all wanted to be swept up by Prince Charming at some point in our childhood, but for hardcore humanitarian and actress Meghan Markle, she definitely did most of the sweeping. According to the documentary, ‘Truly, Madly, Deeply’, which aired on television last night, Prince Harry had a rather endearing crush on Meghan for 2 years before they met. Aw.

The documentary explored the history, love life, and endless talents of Meghan Markle, all of which affirmed what we already suspected – she would make the perfect royal, because she is, well, perfect.

But there’s one thing the royals weren’t happy with. No, not her previous marriage and subsequent divorce, or her past career as a suitcase girl on Deal or No Deal, but her choice of… leg positioning.

Listen: The Royals are only allowed one shade of nail polish. (Post continues after audio.)

Meghan has been seen crossing her legs both in interviews and in public, which is a major tut tut in the realm of royalty and for fancy pants people like Queen Liz and Duchess Kate.

"Crossing your legs as a normal human would is sooooo last season." Image: Getty.

Due to the frank absurdity of this criticism, it’s most probable that the royals had nothing else to critique Meghan on because she’s so darn perfect. So in that respect, props to you Meghan, you almost passed the royal girlfriend test. Almost.

It turns out; the royal leg preference goes by the term, the Duchess Slant. The Duchess Slant is where the woman’s knees and ankles must remain glued together, with her legs slightly tilted to the side, and her hands placed delicately in her lap and her frame upright. Are you taking notes, Meghan?



Apparently, crossing your legs as a normal human would is just not proper. It’s supposedly more flattering to the leg due to its elongating effect, and we’re 100% entirely disgraced that Meghan hadn’t yet received the memo.

As an actress, UN Gender Equality advocate, One Young World counselor, and Global Ambassador for World Vision Canada, what else could possibly be on her mind other than how she places her legs when seated?

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But Meghan needn’t worry; the royals are completely willing to teach her how to correct her wayward cross-legged habits, because looking like a lady is and always will be the number one priority.

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