Celeb in 5: Saturday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. UM SO Megan Marx is dating another Bachelor star and Tiffany Scanlon has weighed in on the whole damn thing.


Here’s some juicy bach news for you.

Megan Marx is now dating another bachelor alum, Jake Ellis. The couple met while filming Bachelor in Paradise and apparently they’re in total bachie love with each other.

In case you missed it, Marx also briefly dated Tiffany Scanlon who she met on Richie Strahan’s season of the reality dating show.

Remember me?

It's all okay though because, apparently, Scanlon is fine with the whole thing.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Scanlon said she was "happy" for the couple and that she "wishes them luck".

She also said that she and Marx have both moved on with their lives.

So to recap, a couple who once dated are no longer dating, one of them is now dating someone else and the other one is happy for them.

Who'd of thunk it?

2. Zoe Foster Blake just got the fringe she's "wanted since 2015" and has anyone got a pair of scissors we can borrow?

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Yesterday, in true Zoe Foster Blake style, the author and Go-To founder announced she had a new 'do on Instagram.

Of course, now everyone wants it.

Instead of her trademark long bob, ZFB is now sporting "natural, air-dried curls" and the fringe she's "wanted since 2015".

In the post, ZFB explained her new hair cut was part of her "New Me".

"After pregnancy, and giving birth, and being tethered to your delightful sprog for months upon months, you begin to yearn for your pre-baby identity to return. Any identity, actually," she wrote.


"Who IS this person, chained to the house, eating granola for dinner, smattered with stale breast milk? Enough! Enough. Old You™️ is no more, and this new mum phase can’t hang around forever, so it must be time for New You™️.

"It could take three months, or three years, but my god you’ve earned a bit of self-care and probably some new shoes. New You™️ signals to the world that you’re back, you’re better than ever, and you’re not to be f**ked with, actually."

Now, someone please pass the scissors.

3. Hello. Here's a selfie of Nick Kyrgios with Will Smith. That is all.


Oh. Well this is nice.

Nick Kyrgios - or King Kyrgios if we're talking in Instagram handles - got a little bit excited when he saw old mate Will Smith sitting front and centre of his Australian Open match last night.

In an interview with Jim Courier after the win, he let his walls down for juuuuust a second.

“Channel Seven did an interview with you before the tournament and asked you ‘if there was a movie made about Nick Kyrgios’ life, who would you like to play you? What was your answer?’” Courier asked.

“Honestly when I saw him out here I was so nervous,” he said, cleverly avoiding the question. “No joke. I was thinking ‘oh my god.’ People think that I’m cool but I wanted him to think I was the coolest man ever.”

The two got a cute selfie together, Kyrgios shared his love of the film Focus and well, that was that.

4. Only mums will be able to relate to Megan Gale's scary moment this morning.

Poor Megan Gale.

The model and mum-and-two was no doubt after a quiet sleep in this morning when she found she had... company in her bed.


Posting on her Instagram story on Saturday morning, Gale wrote: "Just pulled the cover back on my bed and found these. Scared the HELL out of me!"

'These' look like exactly the kind of toys a three-year-old would be playing with.

We hear Gale is okay, and won't be eaten by a lizard this weekend.

5. In case you missed it, baby Kardashian has a NAME.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have revealed the name of their third child, a daughter, Chicago. Mostly, the baby will go by the nickname ‘Chi’ (pronounced “shy”).

In true style, the name was revealed via Kardashian’s website and app.

Chicago is meaningful to the family; it’s West’s hometown.

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