Inside Bachelor contestant Megan Marx's unusual upbringing.

Megan Marx is one of the many women currently competing for Australian Bachelor Richie Strahan’s heart.

Over recent days, details about Megan’s strict religious upbringing have been widely spoken about, as she gives some very public interviews about the childhood she knew and adhered to.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Megan opened up about the fact that she “couldn’t go on holidays for more than a week because you had to be at church every Sunday.”

Megan is ready for love. Image via Channel 10.

She also didn't drink alcohol, wear a bikini or go to a dance until she was 23.

While she admits the experience was sheltered, she said it was in no way a cult or commune. Which is why when it was mentioned that she was married at the age of 18 people suggested the marriage had been arranged.

According to Megan, this couldn't be further from the truth.

"I got married when I was 18 years old to a guy I'd been dating since I was 14," Megan said. It wasn't a spur of the moment kind of agreement, but a decision both Megan and her partner felt comfortable with at the time.

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The ceremony itself was nothing to be desired though, with Megan admitting, "the preacher was screaming at everyone how they were all going to hell."

Megan's step father, who supports her 100% on the Bachelor journey, admitted that the marriage seemed like a good idea, but reflecting on it, it might have been too soon.


Who will win? Image: Channel 10.

"I would have liked her to wait a little longer, but they seemed like a good match at the time," he concluded.

Megan, who lives in WA and is a front runner to win the crown of Mrs Strahan, seems to be very interested in moving away from her conservative roots and delve into the 'real world'.

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