"I went down like a sack of potatoes." Megan Gale shares pregnancy injury.

Megan Gale has detailed the injury she suffered when she fell while climbing stairs last month.

“I am a bit of a klutz when I’m pregnant,” Gale told the Daily Telegraph.

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The model and actress, who announced her pregnancy in April, shared news of the nasty fall on Instagram just a few days later, but at the time didn’t know if her foot was sprained or broken.

Unfortunately for the 41-year-old, it was the latter.

“I was walking up some stairs and I stepped the wrong way and I rolled it and fractured a bone,” she told the Daily Telegraph.

“I went down like a sack of potatoes.”

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Despite the injury, Gale said she was “feeling good” after experiencing nausea earlier in her pregnancy.

“Really bad, just beyond tired 24/7 and so nauseous for a really long time.”

Gale and partner Shaun Hampson are looking forward to welcoming their second child to join son River after experiencing a miscarriage in 2016.