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Megan Gale shares why the year her son was born was the hardest of her life.

Model Megan Gale and partner Shaun Hampson have revealed the year their son was born also doubled as one of the hardest years of their lives.

In an interview with the Herald Sun to coincide with the launch of Movember, a cause they are both ambassadors for, 41-year-old Gale told the paper 2014 both started and ended with the deaths of both of their fathers while their son, River, was born amidst the grief.

“It was kind of the best year for us, and the worst year as well in a lot of ways,” Gale said.

Footballer Hampson, 28, lost his father Tom in April 2014 after a five-year battle with prostate cancer. Little over a month later, the couple welcomed their first child together.

“To go through Dad passing, and then a month later, having the sheer joy of your son being born, it was kind of bitter sweet,” Hampson said.

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However, as the pain remained and the grief lingered, the couple endured another family tragedy: The death of Gale’s father, Alan. Diagnosed with lung cancer when Gale was just ten weeks pregnant, Alan died in October of 2014 and just months after meeting his grandchild, River.

Together, they support the Mo­vember campaign which seeks to help the fight against prostate and testicular cancer and tackles men’s mental health issues.


Despite their completely tumultuous year, Gale admitted that the deaths of their fathers so close together meant their healing process was one that was intricately linked with the other.

“Tom went first, so Shaun was still grieving when my Dad went, but he was coaching me through it,” she told the Herald Sun.

“It was almost unspoken, we just knew how to look after each other.”

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Hampson also admitted the year only worked to make the couple stronger and more unified.

“To go through something so terrible and so close together, it definitely does make you stronger,” he said.

The silver lining of the entire year, though, was the birth of River.

“I think having River was such an amazing thing because he was so healing for both our families,” Gale said.

“He brought everyone together in such a crucial time.”

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