Megan Gale's Easter plans are as sweet as a Lindt bunny.


When it comes to the Easter long weekend, my plans revolve solely around shoving as many chocolate eggs into my body as I can until breathing hurts and I start seeing black dots everywhere.

Megan Gale is slightly more… composed about this whole holiday bizzo. In true Megan Gale Style, the 40-year-old’s plans this Easter actually turn out to be very, very adorable.

Yes, while I’m struggling to inhale oxygen, Megan’s day has been spent playing arts and crafts with her adorable 22-month-old son. Luckily for us, the supermodel/actor/designer/general lady boss took to Instagram to show her adoring followers what she and River have been up to.

A photo posted by MEGAN GALE (@megankgale) on Mar 24, 2016 at 5:36pm PDT


With it, she posted this adorable caption:

One thing I love about becoming a parent is that as the journey advances, you start to learn a LOT about yourself along the way and what kind of parent you really are.

Turns out, I’m that parent that’s really into arts and craft which is guided by the fact my son LOVES it (albeit within the standard toddler attention span – so maybe I love it more) The fact I’ve bought pipe cleaners and a protective table cloth says a lot.

The thing I do love is that you get to re-experience lots of things you found fun as a kid that you haven’t done in years and see the joy it brings your child. All of that said I have no idea what exactly we’re going to do with all of this stuff yet and my skills are rusty but I’ve stocked up and we’re hoping for the best. #getyourcrafton

Too cute, right?!

How do you plan on spending your Easter?

If your plans involve lots of choccy like mine, please remember to not share any with your dog!