Megan Gale is facing a baby name dilemma after giving birth to her first daughter.

Last week, Australian model Megan Gale announced she had welcomed her second child, a daughter, with fiancé Shaun Hampson.

Alongside an image of all four family members holding hands (the couple’s three-year-old son, River, made an appearance), Gale wrote her daughter was already a “sweet little soul”.

WHEN 3 BECOMES 4 ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Our darling little bun came out of the oven earlier this week ???? Sweet little soul. You are already so blessed. Healthy as can be with a family that has fallen head over heels in love with you. A big brother that is already so attentive and protective, (who has also handled all these big changes like a boss ) a Dad who is so smitten with you and that you already have firmly wrapped around your little finger. And myself, who’s been so lucky to have carried you in my belly for 9 months and to have had the pleasure and privilege of birthing you into this world (and can I just say .. we nailed it kid ????????). I’m so committed to being the absolute best mother, friend and role model for you. Thank you for choosing me to be your Mama, my darling girl ????

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Now, the 42-year-old has shared the first image of her daughter, but there is one thing missing.


Baby Girl Gale-Hampson is yet to be named.

“She is yet to be officially named but we’re getting close,” the new mum-of-two wrote alongside an image of her holding her daughter in the moments after she was born.

“Hard to believe a week has passed since we welcomed our precious girl into the world and our lives,” she added.

“This photo was taken exactly a week ago while I was enjoying my first cuddle with her.”


But it seems the model and actress’ naming dilemma isn’t as uncommon as we all may think.

Blogger Sophie Cachia, AKA The Young Mummy, explained earlier this year she had re-named her daughter two weeks after her birth realising it “wasn’t quite right”.

Six months later, Sophie was doubting her daughter’s name once again.

So y’all want to hear a funny story? My mum & dad fucked up. Like, bayyyyyyd. Mum was all drugged up and hormonal and started to doubt my sissy’s name as soon as she was born. A few days later, she totally snapped out of it and fell in love with her name all over again. That was until Daddy came along and dropped the bomb on us both that he started to doubt the choice too. LOLZ. Good one Dad. Fair to say mum went into bonkers-batshit-meltdown-mode. It wasn’t that they didn’t LIKE the name anymore, something about her chubby cheeks not suiting it and the feel just wasn’t right. So I’ve been given the gig today to formally RE-introduce my little sister. Mum & Dad say her name is apparently Florence, but me being the boss two year old I am, have chosen to nickname her Flossy which is really sticking (for me anyway). Apparently this shit happens to parents all the time, but sucked in to mum because she unfortunately has to inform over 250k people #spewing. They wanted me to get my head around it first before they told anyone else. #mumplease I totally got it in the first hour. To my folks, it’s really not that big of a deal. Cmon, she was 8 days old when they changed it… it’s not like she will remember. Just like I hope she won’t remember that I honked her nose wayyyyyyyy too hard today. #FlorenceBettyMargaretCachia

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Other mums shared their own stories on Megan Gale’s Instagram of struggling to find the perfect names for their new additions.

“It took me 10 days to find a name which suited my daughter,” one mum wrote.

“I had all these names pre-planned but none felt right & then one day when all was quiet it just popped out of nowhere.”

“Had ours a day before you and still no name,” another said.

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Another parent shared that such an important naming task was sure to take some time.

“It’s a big decision though so take your time. Daughters are a very precious gift,” she wrote.

Others flooded her comments with suggestions, telling the model her daughter looked like an Emily, Madalyn, Coco or Charli.

For the most part, Gale’s fans are just happy that the new bub is happy, healthy and loved – and the lack of a name reveal just makes things all the more exciting.

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