Megan Fox says she feels guilty for being a working mum.

Megan Fox feels the pinch of being away from her kids, too.

Actress mum Megan Fox, 28, is currently in Australia promoting her new movie, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But her trip isn’t all smiles as she reveals why she may not be feeling the best. And it’s something every single working mum can relate to.

Megan has said that she’s regretted being away from her two boys Bodhi, who she gave birth to earlier this year, and Noah, 2, while she’s been working on her new film. This is because she felt she was missing out on their childhood.

“The only thing that’s tough about it is their childhood goes by so quickly, that every single day that you’re not with them seems like you’ve done something wrong and you regret it and feel guilty,” Megan told The Daily Telegraph.

Megan found out she was pregnant with Bodhi just two weeks into filming. “You’re like physically impaired; for the moment you’re just not capable of being able to do what you were able to do previously … you can’t allow yourself to do stuff because it could be dangerous or whatever,” she said.

Megan married her husband Brian Austin Green, 41, in 2010, who is the father of their children Bodhi and Noah.

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