Megan Fox is moving house because her unborn baby asked her to.

It may be her third time around the pregnancy block, but actress Megan Fox says this time the experience is as new as the first. Mostly because she’s communicating with her unborn child already.

Speaking on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show earlier this week, the Ninja Turtles actress said that while she couldn’t hear an audible voice, “you hear messages, if you’re open to it.”

“For instance,” Fox continued, “this baby wanted me to live somewhere else so we’re moving to a whole different place in Los Angeles because I feel like that’s where this baby wants to be raised.”


Fox has been promoting the new Ninja Turtles film throughout her pregnancy. Source: Getty.

Whether or not her two young sons Noah and Bodhi wanted to move, we're not quite sure.

Having been separated from her husband Brian Austin Green for some time, Fox announced their third pregnancy via a red carpet appearance in April. Sometimes sex with an ex just happens.

Now Fox is focussing on explaining what's about to happen to her young sons.

Sometimes the best thing about pregnancy is the sex. Post continues... 

“I’ve showed them [Noah and Bodhi] with a baby doll, they know where the baby is coming out,” Fox said, adding “Bodhi thinks it’s really funny that you’re gonna feed the baby with your boobies," before saying that Noah is "aware, but he’s excited.”

She's also feeling somewhat confident about the looming labour and the experience that she's racked up in recent years.


Source: Getty.

"I’ve had a baby every other year since 2012, I’ve gotten used to it,” Fox said laughing. “With this one I’ve been a little more relaxed because I know how much it’s gonna hurt. I’m getting a little nervous about that, the pain is no joke.”

Aint that the truth.