Not another Hollywood couple…

Us Weekly have reported that Megan Fox, 29 and Brian Austin Green, 42 have separated.

“They decided on it six months ago,” a source told the publication.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green. Image via @arent_you_that_guy Instagram.

The magazine were told that the couple's relationship has had a lot of issues. No exact reason has been given about why they decided to go their separate ways. But, "things have been rocky," a source told Us Weekly.

PEOPLE have confirmed the split through an unnamed source, but they did give us a little hope this wonderful couple might get back together... "anything could happen in the future".

The A-list actress and her partner - best known for his part in Beverly Hills, 90210 - have been together for 11 years and their split has come as a shock to their many fans.

They have two children together - two-year-old Noah and 18-month-old Bodhi.

Kisses from mumma. Image via @the_native_tiger Instagram.

No word from the couple, but if it is true, we're very sad to hear about the split.


How do you feel about the split?

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