Even this ridiculously "sexy" mum isn't having sex any more.

Megan Fox reveals she isn’t immune to the same problems as other new parents. Phew.

Actress Megan Fox has revealed that she and her hubby are just mere mortals after all. Since having her second son, Bodhi, in February, her sex life has been practically non-existent.

Megan explained that her eldest son Noah sleeps in the same bed as her and Brian, so “there’s really no way” any intimacy can take place. “Brian doesn’t get any intimacy whatsoever,” she explained at an LA premiere this week.

Yet this doesn’t seem to be bothering Brian who has previously said would like to have another baby. Megan’s “not opposed” to the idea of a third child, but joked that Brian only wants a baby because “he doesn’t have to do any of the work.”

Sex isn’t the only thing Megan has been missing out on lately, saying she’s completely cut carbs from her diet. “I cut out all bread and those sort of carbohydrates. No crackers, no pretzels, no chips. Nothing unhealthy. The worst thing I put in my body is coffee, once a day. I don’t have any cheat days. But if I did, it would be pizza or cake.”

Megan gave birth to her second son, Bodhi Ransom Green, earlier this year. Her first child, Noah Shannon Green, was born in 2012.

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