Megan wasn't into Richie but thanks to The Bachelor, she found an even better relationship.

If you watched a disillusioned Megan exit The Bachelor mansion on Wednesday night and now feel sorry for her, don’t.

By the looks of a recent Instagram post, the free-divin’ 27-year-old didn’t need Richie’s heart because, dammit, she left with something even better.

She found a different kind soul mate; a best gal pal.

Love is in da air. (Images: Channel 10)

You might recognise Megan's new best bud too, because she's another girl who competed for Bach glory, Tiffany! (She's the one who planked in a red dress in the first episode and had commercial-worthy blonde hair... that's pretty much all I remember.)

But wait! It gets better.

This duo gets along so well, Tiffany moved to Geraldton just to be closer to her "hero, soul sister and BFF" in Megan.


Tiffany broke the news to her Instagram followers on Thursday afternoon, captioning the photo of the pair on the beach: "Finally I can proclaim that I did find love on The Bachelor! I love this girl so much I moved to Geraldton for more laughs and adventures with her!"

The photo posted on Tiffany's Instagram on Thursday afternoon. (Image: Instagram)

"This pic was taken back in June when we were finally reunited on the beaches of Bali and have been pretty much inseparable ever since!"

Megan appeared on The Project last night to clear up why exactly she walked away from Richie.

"Our first date was awesome, but after that, there wasn't much time that we were actually spending together," she told the panel.

"I just thought, 'I'm not going to fall in love with this guy'. He's a great guy, but it just wasn't happening for me."

Long live Megan and Tiffany, I say. You might just be our favourite Bach relationship yet.

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