"It's important for young girls to see that these sorts of things are possible."

Meg Lanning is an Australian cricketer, an opening batter, the captain of the Australian women’s cricket team and of the Victorian Spirit cricket team AND has just become one of the first female cricket commentators for channel 9.

The 22-year-old has officially re-broken – albeit temporarily – the glass ceiling in the Nine commentary box. She took a huge step in to a place that has historically been reserved for men. She has taken a giant leap forward for women in sport in gaining the recognition they deserve.

Meg Lanning with the McGrath Foundation.

The young Australian cricketer has taken on the role with gusto and determination giving great commentary and insight while sitting alongside cricketing legends Ian Chappell, Mark Taylor, Michael Slater and Ian Healy.

To be given such an influential role (and at such a young age) is a huge achievement for the Victorian youngster. It has provided a platform for much needed awareness for female sports stars. And although the role isn’t permanent, it has definitely opened doors for women in the future.

I got to have a chat with Meg Lanning this week and found out about her passion for Australia’s national game, and what it’s like to break in to the commentary box and sit among the men.

How did you get in to cricket?

Meg: I started playing in the backyard with my brothers and sister. I enjoyed playing it at school, at lunchtime and decided to trial for a regional team while in year 5 and loved it.


Meg with some of her young fans.

What’s it like to captain the Australian team (especially as the youngest ever captain to do so)?

Meg: It’s a huge honour. It wasn’t something I gave too much thought to growing up and the whole process of me becoming captain happened very quickly. I have really enjoyed the short time I have been in the role and look forward to what lies ahead.

How did you get in to the Channel Nine commentary team?

Meg: I had a conversation with someone at Cricket Australia about perhaps having a go at commentary. Channel 9 were keen to explore a female being involved and thought the timing was right. It’s something I really enjoyed.

How do you think this will affect women in sport?

Meg: I think it just shows other females out there that there are more and more ways to become involved in sport. Whether that be in media or other ways, its important for young girls growing up to see that these sorts of things are possible.

What has it done for women’s cricket?

Meg: Hopefully its made more people aware of women’s cricket and can help bring a few more fans in. Its important to try and reach a new base of followers and this is one way hopefully for women to realise that there are opportunities to be involved in the sport.

What’s it like being a woman commentating alongside sporting greats like Mark Taylor, Michael Slater etc?


Meg: It’s a little daunting I suppose. Having said that all of those guys were very good when I went in there. I tried to learn off them as much as I could as they have had a lot of experience in commentary roles.

How would you like to influence women’s involvement in elite cricket?

Meg: I think everyone in the Australian and state set ups have the ability to influence the next generation of womens cricketers. Its about trying to promote the game as well as we can and ensure that young girls coming through see cricket as a fun and enjoyable sport to play.

You’re also involved in supporting the McGrath Foundation – what’s been your involvement there?

Meg: I attend the Mcgrath Foundation high tea at the G each year ad try to promote the organization along the way. It’s a great cause which is very close to everyone who is involved in cricket, its something I enjoy doing.

In other sporting news from the week…

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– Fox Sports and Network Ten have announced that they will broadcast the 2015 Netball World Cup in Sydney, which is a huge win for women’s sport.