Strangers share the moment they knew their partner was a keeper.

Can you remember the exact moment you realised your partner was a keeper?

I can.

My then-boyfriend was on a business trip, and I was disappointed that he was going to miss my birthday party. But half an hour in, he walked through the door. He’d come home early, just to surprise me, and that then-boyfriend is now my fiancé.

But I’m not unique – I’m willing to bet that most of us have had a lightbulb moment when they realised their partner was “the one”.

And that’s the idea behind a recent Reddit thread, which asked users to share the moment they realised their significant other was something special.

The answers range from funny to super sweet. Here’s a round up of the highlights.

LeakLeapLeanLeah wrote:

“My dad had a series of heart attacks and was in the hospital waiting to be stable enough for bypass surgery. My parents insisted I continue going to work, that I should come visit after work each day. Not easy, but I honoured their wish.

“My boyfriend went on his own one afternoon, when he got out earlier than me. He sat with my dad in the hospital. Gave my mum a break. Even better, he didn’t make a big deal out of it. He just did it. When I left with him later, my father hugged him and called him “son.”

8bitid’s story was slightly less serious – he wrote, “Once during lunch at university, I tried to tease my girlfriend by sucking some soft drink into a straw and aiming it at her, pretending I was going to spray soft drink at her. She didn’t even flinch, she just looked me in the eye, and opened her mouth. We’ve been together 16 years now”.

omashupicchu added, “I went over to his aunt and uncle’s place for his graduation party…He was just so sweet and protective of his younger cousins. He’d pick them up and play with them and was just super gentle and sweet. Probably a bit cliché but it made my heart melt.”

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traceyh415 shared, “I was ranting on about something inconsequential when I looked over and noticed he was actually listening to me the whole time. He was the first man who really listened to me. 15 years and three kids later, I still love him.”

But our favourite? It belongs to Vivelstick:

“We had stopped at the supermarket, he was just going to run in to grab something quick because I was on the phone and it was late so we wanted to get home. I watched him walk towards the door then stop when he noticed a man who is always working there pushing carts. (I’ve seen him many times and there is some kind of mental handicap there but not sure exactly what.) It was very windy and cold and the man was pushing a very long train of carts, clearly struggling. My boyfriend stopped, walked across the parking lot, and started pushing along with him. Then he spent ten minutes getting all of the carts inside as he laughed and joked with the guy. He does little things like this all the time and thinks nothing of it.”


See? True love exists.

When did you realise your partner was “the one”?

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