"I lie about how I met my partner."

It was a spur of the moment lie and now we can’t go back.

My partner and I met on Tinder. While I don’t really mind how we met, lately I’ve felt as though he has a huge problem with it. We’re both in our twenties and arranged to meet after chatting on there for a little while.

I had been convinced by a few friends to get onto it after I hadn’t been in a relationship for some time. At first I was concerned because I knew it was notorious for being a ‘hook-up’ site. Something that I wasn’t really interested in.

But after being on there for a few weeks, I already had heaps of matches and was talking to a lot of guys. But this particular one seemed much more serious. We organised to go out for dinner and to start off with, it was a bit weird for both of us. It was obvious this was new territory.

"It was obvious this was new territory for both of us."

But we hit it off and began dating.

We haven’t been together for very long, only a few months and all of my friends know how we met. I updated them regularly on how my Tinder rendezvous was going.

Yet after a night out with my partner and his friends, it became very clear he hadn’t told any of them. It was his mate’s birthday so he told me to come along. I began chatting to a group of girls who he knew while he went to the bathroom. Then within minutes he had navigated himself over to my side and put him arm around my waist.

He looked a little bit concerned but I couldn’t tell why. They asked how we met and before I could say anything he blurted out, “Through a mutual friend.” They continued to probe and it turned out we had ONE mutual friend on Facebook.

"They continued to probe and it turned out we had ONE mutual friend on Facebook."

I figured out by this point that he was embarrassed about it so I went along with the lie. For the rest of the night, I repeated the same story to each and every one of his friends who approached me and I felt like a huge fraud.

When I tried to talk to him about it afterwards he completely brushed the whole conversation off. Now I don’t know what to tell people and I’m worried we’re going to get caught out in this big lie.

What happens if we bump into this ONE mutual friend who apparently introduced us?

What happens when he meets my friends, who know how we really met?

What happens if all of our friends meet and our stories don’t add up?

I don’t know what to do.

What would you do if you were in this situation?

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