Meet the 5-year-old who's taken over Instagram

In the Instagram world, Alonso Mateo is kind of a big deal.

The California local's got a sharp eye for designer fashion, a smooth repetoire of camera-friendly poses, and over 19,000 followers to date.

Alonso's Instagram shots show him doing everything from surfing to travelling – and always in a killer ensemble. Look up 'cool dude' in the dictionary and you'll probably find his profile photo right there. 

Oh yeah – and he's 5 years old. 

Because there's nothing the average 5 year old enjoys more than striking a pose in Dolce and Gabbana.

Remember the story we brought you about Quinoa – the made-up Pinterest toddler with an impeccable wardrobe and a bevy of stylish pals? Alonso's Instagram account is just like that – only, just like Pinocchio, he's a real boy.

A real boy with a penchant for combat boots, sunglasses and flattering camera filters.

Alonso's taste for Tom Ford, Gucci and Dior garments – no Cotton On Kids for this little guy – stems from his mother, freelance fashion stylist Luisa Fernanda Espinosa. Alonso's personal Instagram account (see it here) was a spin-off of Luisa's (@luisafere), which has over 133,000 followers.

Luisa says Alonso styles and produces all his own shots, but is open to her sartorial guidance. (Impressive. If only all five year olds were so accepting of their parents' input…)


The fashionable mother-son team even enjoy shopping together. Luisa, who has worked for magazines like Harpers Bazaar, says Alonso's recent obsession with bowties saw him snapping up any print that caught his eye – and gave Luisa the perfect excuse to hit the mall "one more time". 

Despite the criticism that has been aimed at the Espinosas for fostering their son's interest in fashion and image, Luisa insists Alonso isn't materialistic.

"If he wants loafers just like his daddy and I can afford them, I get them. We're fine raising our son. He's always polite, he's grounded, he's a sweet boy," she says.

"I don't think he really notices he's fashion forward. He's too young."

Hopefully that's the case – really, emulating a Burberry advertisement should be the least of a 5-year-old's concerns. However, it's great that Alonso's found a way to channel his obvious curiosity and creativity – not to mention his eye for aesthetics.

Happily, judging by his photo stream, Alonso also seems to be enjoying himself in the process – in some shots he's got a big smile on his face, while others show him playing with his dog and goofing around with his mum just like any other kid his age.

What do you think?