A very NSFW meditation to get you through your office Christmas party.

Ahhhh, the office Christmas party.

That beautiful, annual event where you get drunk with your colleagues. Most of whom you can’t stand.

But hey. At least nothing can go wrong when alcohol and 12 months of built-up frustration are combined. NOTHING.


Never fear though.

Because, as usual, Monique Bowley is absolutely and positively to the rescue.

Meditation with Monz. WHICH ONE IS BUDDHA.

You've heard about meditation. Obviously. Meditation is old news. It's good for your spirituality and your mind and yada yada. Blurgh.

But you HAVEN'T  heard about Monz' meditation.

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Monz, Queen of Zen, has harnessed her powers. And channeled them to us. So we can all be as Zen as her over Christmas party season.

Just in case you need to get into the meditation mood, here's a picture of the Dalai Lama in a bicycle helmet:


Buddha Monz guides us through a quick two-minute meditation to help us deal with anything and everything that the office Christmas party will undoubtedly throw our way...

Headstand optional.

"You know your manager? Imagine yourself standing in front of them... and gently dropping your pants."

Fine advice, Monz. Fine advice.

You can watch the video at the top of this post. Or below. Like, watch it wherever you want, you know? Wherever really feeeels right.

Video by Mamamia