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Hi-5 star says that cannabis could help his daughter.

Tim Harding was an original member of Hi-5. He was energetic, always smiling and had every kid up and out of their seat when he came on the stage.

Harding is now a father to a gorgeous four-year-old girl, Arielle. Arielle has epilepsy and can have 50 to 100 seizures a day.

See Tim back in his Hi-5 days. Post continues after the video…

Video via Hi-5

Although Tim, 37, and his wife Natasha, 31, have tried everything to help their little girl – her condition is drug resistant and nothing they’ve tried has improved her condition.

Ariel’s epilepsy can cause terrible side-effects. So the family’s next hope is that Arielle will be picked for a new cannabis-derived drug trial.

Tim Harding's daughter Arielle. Image via Tim Harding Facebook.

"This is the only relatively natural treatment that has any anecdotal evidence of working," Tim told New Idea.

Arielle had her first big seizure when she was 15-months-old. Her parents have been dedicated to fighting against her epilepsy ever since.

"We’re keeping our fingers crossed she gets this treatment so she can live life to the fullest," Tim said.

Tim and his daughter Arielle. Image via Tim Harding Facebook.

The trial is a world first, with children from NSW being treated for severe epilepsy.

Premier Mike Baird announced the Government's commitment to the cause last Tuesday. Children will have access to a safe supply of the new cannabis-derived drug from early next year.

Tim and his daughter Arielle with Hi-5. Image via Tim Harding Facebook.

Baird said it was an amazing day for many families across NSW.

"It's a day that I know has given hope to many of these families ... if we can bring relief to these poor children, who wouldn't want to do that?" he said at Randwick Children's Hospital the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

We hope that it can bring relief to Tim, his daughter and his family.

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