"My mother-in-law crashed my honeymoon."

Thought your in-laws were trouble? This story should put things in perspective…

A young woman recently took to Reddit to vent about her meddling mother-in-law – who crashed her honeymoon.

Yes, seriously.

The woman, known only as bettydrapers, explained that she had only met her in-laws a few times before she married her husband, as they lived far away.

The couple opted for a simple registry wedding, and the in-laws then offered to throw them a more luxurious honeymoon. So far so good…

The young couple arrived and checked into their beautiful hotel room. The husband left to grab a bottle of champagne to celebrate, and the wife slipped into a sexy negligee to surprise her hubby.

And then? Disaster struck.

She wrote, “I’m in the bathroom getting done up when I hear the door to the hotel room open. Thinking that it was my husband returning, I decide to waltz out and surprise him in my risqué little number. Except it wasn’t my husband returning. It was my MIL.”

The woman continued, "My first reaction was to scream because 1. what was she doing here? 2. how did she get into my hotel room and 3. I was practically naked. I race to grab my robe, which is on the bed, and cover myself up. She laughed and reassured me "It's nothing I haven't seen before". Um, okay? But it's something that I DON'T WANT YOU TO SEE. ALSO, WHY THE F*CK ARE YOU HERE?"

Oh dear...

The woman went on to write that her in-laws decided to "treat themselves" to a holiday - in the room next door. The in-laws then got into a fight, so the mother-in-law decided the best thing to do was to crash her son's honeymoon.


But when the young couple told her to leave, she replied by saying that she paid for the room, so if they didn't want her to stay, THEY could leave. Gulp.

"MIL then proceeds to say that I can sleep on the couch and she'll share the bed with [the husband]. This is where I drew the line and told her that there was no way that she'd be sharing a bed with MY HUSBAND on MY WEDDING NIGHT," the newlywed reveals.

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"After making a snide comment to DH for him to "teach his 'child bride' some manners", she reluctantly agreed to sleep on the couch which was about two metres from our bed. I spent half the night locked in the bathroom, crying, and the other half sleeping stiffly next to my husband. With his mother on the couch 2 metres away. On my wedding night," she added.


But the woman goes on to explain that the next morning, her MIL was still there. She explains, "I was hoping that she'd leave in the morning before I woke up, but no. Her face was the first thing I saw the first morning I woke up as a married woman. Little did I know, this would set the tone for the first year of my marriage."

And it didn't get any better from there. "She had ordered us room service for breakfast and sat down at the dining table with us to eat. I was livid. While we're eating breakfast she makes a comment about how quiet we were last night. "Didn't consummate the marriage?". No. We didn't consummate the marriage. BECAUSE YOU WERE SLEEPING ON THE COUCH TWO METRES AWAY. THE ENTIRE NIGHT," the woman concluded.

All we can say is, good luck with that...

Do you have difficult in-laws? What's the worst thing they've done? 

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