Is Perth's 'mechanical penis debacle' the biggest hen’s party cock-up of all time?

Serious sh*t is going down in the world of fake penis party accoutrements, people.

Look, when you attend a Hen’s party, you just know there are going to be at least several kitsch additions that would make Kath and Kim cringe.

These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Penis straws
  2. A neon silky sash emblazoned with “Bride To Be”
  3. Giant penis-shaped cake

But some ladies who threw a Hen’s do in Perth recently took traditional hen’s accoutrement to a level we didn’t know actually existed. They ordered a mechanical penis (the phallus-version of the mechanical bull, duh) from Get Bucked Entertainment.

No, this is not a drill, and yes, it’s the kind of party addition that pisses all over penis straws. Excuse the pun.

mechanical penis
Image: Get Bucked Entertainment.


Unsatisfied with the service of Get Bucked Entertainment (a most delightfully named company, don’t you think?), the hen’s sister, Alex, who organised the party, took to the company’s Facebook page to express her anger.


Here’s how it went down…

Get Bucked Entertainment were not happy with Alex’s comment.



“The customer is always right” mentality does not fly with the Get Bucked crew. Turns out the mechanical penis industry is not as, erm, chilled as we’d all imagined.

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Sam, the bride-to-be, spoke to Perth radio show 6PR Breakfast with Steve Mills and Basil Zempilas about the situation.

“My sister organised it [the mechanical penis] as a bit of fun. It’s exactly like the bucking bull, you’ve just got to try and stay on and not fall off and it bucks all over the place.”

After clarifying that for everyone, she went on to say that Get Bucked Entertainment’s attitude, while it didn’t totally rain on her parade, was not cool.

“I had a great day and it doesn’t tarnish the night I had because it was fantastic but it’s just a shame my sister had to cop that, it’s not very fair.”

No, no it isn’t.

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In happier news though, Sam divulged that she had a certain prowess for the mechanical penis.

“I was like second best, [I stayed on] for 94 seconds I think.”

Onya Sam.

Have you had a ridiculous hen’s party experience? Tell us about it.