A McLeod's Daughters star has just revealed her painful battle with heroin addiction.

Zoe Naylor – better known as Regan McLeod from hit Australian drama series McLeod’s Daughters – has revealed her tumultuous history with drug abuse.

Appearing on Thursday’s epsiode of The Daily Edition, Zoe was frank and open about what defined much of her adolescence and early twenties: a heroin addiction.

‘In my late teens and early 20s, I was a heroin addict,’ the now 39-year-old told the panel, adding she mostly blamed her then-boyfriend and excused her behaviour as that of a “party girl or a good time girl”. Zoe says she wrongly assumed for years her drug use was “just a phase”.

McLeod's Daughters aired from 2001 to 2009. (Image: Channel 9)

"I really didn't know that I had that issue (addiction)."

Leading a picturesque life, the former actress never expected drug addiction would form part of her story, and was surprised when she realised just how deeply rooted her problem was.

"I was a clichéd overachiever - I was head girl of my school, had a scholarship to Uni."

It was seven years ago - in 2009 - that the star decided to tackle her well-hidden secret. The now mum-of-two calls her journey of recovery an "awakening".

A year later she would marry husband (and former McLeod's co-star) Aaron Jeffrey, who she fell in love with on set. Together they have Sophie, four, and little Beau, who arrived this May.

Zoe played Regan on the hit show. (Image: Channel 9)

Deciding to move away from the spotlight, the family of four now reside in Bilpin, a tight-knit community nestled within the Blue Mountains.

Zoe believes sharing her story will encourage others to embark upon "a journey of recovery" also, and stressed that addiction can manifest in many forms, including those which may seem frivolous or unthreatening. For one, social media.

"It's an undercurrent of anxiety where you're looking to numb out or feel better by an external source," she said.

"So to me, a journey of recovery is about finding that ease within yourself."

If you are battling addiction, Mamamia urges you to visit this website.