The McDonald's movie is happening. (Would you like fries with that?)

It’s one of the biggest franchises in history.

It has daily customer traffic of 62 million people, the entire population of Britain.

It has a symbol that is more internationally recognised than the religious cross.

And now, it will have a movie.

We are actually kind of surprised it has taken this long to make a movie about the history of McDonald’s (discounting Supersize Me, which was a horror film documentary about the actual food, not the history).

But finally, a movie has been announced.

The Founder, as it is currently called, is in early stages of planning, and looks to be directed by John Hancock, who also directed The Blind Side and Saving Mr Banks. 

The film will focus on the history of Maccas. Richard and Maurice McDonald (Dick and Mac, to their friends) started a hotdog stand in 1937, which eventually evolved into a burger joint in the late 1940’s. They revolutionised fast food by developing the ‘Speedee System’ (i.e, an assembly line of putting together hamburgers).

A businessman called Ray Kroc saw the potential, they partnered up, and McDonald’s was born. 200 franchises later, Kroc bought the McDonald’s boys out (in the WORST BUSINESS DECISION IN HISTORY, PROBABLY) for a great sum of $2.7million. But now, Maccas does $32 BILLION in revenue with franchises every year.

Poor ol’ Dick and Mac.

Tom Hanks and Michael Keaton have both expressed interest in playing Kroc. It will be a great movie. It will probably also be bad for your thighs.

Bring it on. Large, please.



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