McDonald's Happy Meal is changing things up. Here's a round-up of the new options.

Thanks to our brand partner, McDonalds

If you’ve ever found yourself with a carload of hungry kids on a long car drive with nothing to feed them but breath mints, you are not alone.

We’ve all been there. When you’re on the move, sometimes the odd treat is what you need to keep them – and you – happy.

So, here’s the good news: McDonald’s has given its famous Happy Meal a rejig.

You can still get the same Happy Meal as before. But now Macca’s has introduced a bunch of new main and side options that tick off the “yummy” and “better for you” boxes, so you can feel good about it too.

With options like grilled chicken bites, wholemeal tortilla chicken snack wraps, Yoplait Petit Miam Strawberry Yoghurt and grape tomatoes, there’s now a wider choice for what you’d like in that Happy Meal box. Let’s take a squiz:

Yoghurt for on-the-go

A little yoghurt goes a long way. Image: Supplied.

Yoghurt is a great snack for kids, and Yoplait Petit Miam Strawberry yoghurt pouches are ideal on the go because they travel well and have a screw-top cap. As an added bonus you can pass them off as a treat, even though they’re made with real fruit and no artificial flavours, preservatives or colours.

Chicken choices

happy meal
Something grilled please?Try the chicken bites. Image: Supplied.

Chicken usually goes down a treat with kids, and the new grilled chicken bites (which are real 100 percent Aussie chicken breast fillet!) will be no exception.

And for those who love the classic favourites, Chicken McNuggets are still available on the menu - made with real 100 percent Aussie chicken breast and as always, with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

It's a wrap!

happy meal
Wrap time. Image: Supplied.

Also, in the winner-winner chicken category, there’s the new wholemeal snack wrap with real 100 percent Australian chicken breast fillet, wrapped in a new wholemeal tortilla made with all-Aussie wheat. You can order it separately or in a Happy Meal.


Fruit to boot

happy meal
Grape tomatoes for the win. Image: Supplied.

In my experience, even the most committed fruit-dodger will consider it if it comes in a Happy Meal. McDonald’s has had apple slices as an option in Happy Meals for a while, but now they’ve added Australian-grown grape tomatoes as a side. As most kids tend to be grazers, it’s a bonus that these sides come in fun little packs that travel well so if they can’t eat them all in one go, they can be saved as a snack for later.

There's still a toy, right?

Correct. Thankfully, every Happy Meal includes a toy to keep kids entertained, as they always have. The toys change each week, so ask the McDonald’s staff which one is available when you get there.

Next time you're on the go, check out the new Happy Meal options (after 10.30am). They offer some new tasty, healthier options for hungry kids, and give you the choice to treat them and change it up to suit everyone’s preferences.

Most of it all, it should fix the "I'm starving" complaints we all get on those long, long drives...

* Available after 10.30am. While stocks last. One toy per Happy Meal®. Different toys available each week. Toys not suitable for children under three years. Limited time only.

This content was created with thanks to our brand partner, McDonalds


There’s a lot to love about our new healthier range of Happy Meal options. You and your little ones will love our new Grilled Chicken Bites, Juicy Grape Tomatoes, Wholemeal Chicken Snack Wraps and Yoplait Petit Miam Yoghurt Pouches! It’s a Happy Meal that makes you happy too.