The force is strong with these little ones.

May 4 was International Star Wars Day. And this was the cutest part.

Yesterday was the annual day for Star Wars fans to show their true nerdy self. And this year’s “May the fourth (force) be with you” was even bigger with the recent announcement of three new Star Wars films being added to the franchise. Stars Wars Episode VII is set 30 years from the last Episode and will hit fan-filled theatres in 2015.

So in honour of the day, we found the cutest gallery of the youngest Star Wars fans (who may or may not know that they are Star Wars fans).

Click through the gallery for the cutest and littlest Star War Fans, and see the adorable video below the gallery of a Navy dad surprising his son at his birthday party on his return from service:


Here is the video of a Navy dad who surprises his son (get the tissues ready):

How did you celebrate “May the Fourth Be With You” day?