Maureen McCormick is banned her from seeing her "I'm a Celebrity" co-stars.

Brady Bunch star Maureen McCormick appears to be in trouble with her hubby and it might be comedian Joel Creasey‘s fault.

Creasey spoke to about a night out he had with the McCormick in LA that led to a total ban on all future “I’m a Celebrity” meet ups.

I’m with Maureen McCormick. I’ve taken her to a gay bar. She is amazing.

A photo posted by Joel Creasey (@joelcreasey) on Sep 10, 2015 at 11:30pm PDT

“I took her out to dinner and she and I consumed several bottles of wine,” Creasey, 25, said.

“We played pool all night at a gay bar in Santa Monica called The Roosterfish and I sent her home in such a state that other I’m a Celeb contestants who have tried to hang out with her in LA since haven’t been allowed to because her husband has said no,” he continued.

Not impressed. Image: Channel 10.

“She’s been banned from catching up with us," he revealed.

Oh dear.

Way to ruin the fun for everyone Creasey...

Has your partner ever banned your from doing something?

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