The Bachelor's Matty responds to that persistent rumour he gets "knocked back" in the finale.

In rumour approximately #457 of this year’s The Bachelor, Matty breaks multiple girls hearts only to get to the finale and have his own broken in a rejected proposal.

It’s a twist that would rival the recent US Bachelorette finale upset and probably have UnReal producers cheering.

Fortunately (unfortunately?) you can rest easy.

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The man himself spoke to Nova 100's Chrissie, Sam and Browny about his "knocked back" offer of marriage.

"I heard that rumour, it went round. There was no proposal and no hidden proposal. I didn't think it was the right time to pop the question," he said.


"They asked me [if] would I like to go down that route, and I thought about it but I just decided that whilst I was certain about my decision about who I wanted to be with, I wasn't ready to rush into things that quickly.”

He also shared how he'll be spending finale night - alone with Laura the winner.

"We will get to spend the night together which will be nice. We've got to be up early because we've got to do radio shows the next day," he said.

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As for the constant quest for spoilers, he didn't rule out Sam Pang's suggestion of a live finale like the original Survivor used to do.

"It's tricky because everyone right now is trying to figure it out and spoil the ending. Maybe the only way they can avoid that is having the finale live on TV," he said.

"It's tricky because there's a four month gap between filming overseas and the finale on television."

We've got just over 24 hours to find out the winner - can we make it spoiler free?

Unlikely, we're guessing.

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