Hold your roses, the first Bachelor contestant has been revealed. We think.

And just like clockwork (or actually just clockwork), we’re about to hit our sweet spot of the year.

The latest season of The Bachelor has begun filming, and with that has come the ultimate battle for Channel 10. What do you do with a problem like the Daily Mail and their penchant for the art of spoilers?

Not a lot, apparently, with the news outlet claiming to have knowledge of the first contestant on the show.

Her name is Laura-Ann Rullo and she’s from Melbourne town, they say.

But all that really means is that Laura-Ann from Melbourne doesn’t have much of a shot at the crown, if Matty J’s sister has anything to do with it. Remember? Long-distance is obviously a sin lest someone can give Matty J a baby and his nephew a cousin.

Alas, Laura-Ann is a criminal lawyer studying a double degree of arts and law and was admitted to practice last year.

Image via Facebook.

On her LinkedIn profile Laura-Ann describes herself as "aspiring to be one of the best advocates for Melbourne's young and old" and is passionate about criminal law.

"For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be a lawyer," she writes in her bio.

"There was something about lawyering which was so fascinating to me, it made me hungry, hungry for success," she adds.

Her LinkedIn account also states she stopped working in December, presumably to join the franchise.

Will Laura-Ann be the second criminal lawyer to steal the Bachelor's heart?

We shall wait and see, Bach fans. We shall wait and see.

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