Before the show even aired, Matty and Laura nearly spoiled The Bachelor for everyone.


After The Bachelor had finished filming, Matty and his chosen lady Laura found themselves in an awkward kind of limbo. As Australia waited for the first episode to air, the paparazzi got to work, doing their best to spoil the show.

But despite their best efforts to do the opposite, it was the couple themselves who almost committed the cardinal sin of reality television: spoiling the finale accidentally.

Speaking to The Project on Friday night, the duo admitted they were a little lax with informing the other of their day-to-day activities in the beginning. And because they live around the corner from one another, inadvertent run ins were looming.

“There was a time at the gym, this was before the show went to air. And I looked across the gym and [Laura] walked in,” the former-Bachelor told the program.

“We were at the same gym, so just after we had finished filming we ran into each other and had to pretend we didn’t know each other,” Laura added.

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After that moment, they both admitted, they had to be “really careful”.

“Before we left the house we would have to tell each other where we were.”

And how lucky we were they didn’t spoil it, because we really didn’t know who’d win.


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