2 million people are obsessed with this manicure. Soon you will be too.

Well manicured and neat black nails have been the safe go-to for a while now, but this year’s new black is matte black. Observe:

You don't need a special nail polish to do it either. Just a special top coat.

“OPI has launched this savvy product that can mattify all of your existing nail polishes,” says Freelance Nail Artist, Katie Dawes.

She also suggests taking it to the next level by playing with texture.

“A modern twist of a French manicure is to add a perfect arch of your black nail polish as a final touch to your matte black nails. The result is a lovely contrast of textures."

This means you make your nail bed matte, with a touch of shine at the tips.

Here's exactly how to do it. And FYI, this video has been watched 2 million times and counting:

The $12 wonder drops that dry your nails instantly 

Pair it with gold jewellery like Kim Kardashian, and stay out all night.

Try: Matte Top Coat $19.95 by OPI. 

 What's your nail personality?

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