Matt Preston is the sexiest man on television. Here is a movie about him.

Ok, maybe not the sexiest. But there’s something about food critic Matt Preston that is utterly compelling to watch. In an INSPIRED piece of casting, a large man with swash-buckling hair and a jaunty collection of cravats WHICH HE NAMES (I read this on Twitter so it’s obviously true) has become the unlikely hero and breakout star of the hottest show on TV.

Do you watch Masterchef? We do. It’s a family experience. After the jump, the most sensational video tribute to Matt Preston you will ever see…….

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Still want more? ME TOO!!!!

Here is some information on Matt via the Masterchef website:

Internationally acclaimed and revered food critic Matt Preston joins
fellow judges Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris on the judging panel.

has a swag of prestigious awards to his name, including the World’s
Best Food Journalist 2008 (World Food Media Awards), a highly sought
after honour. Matt completed his tenure as Creative Director of the
Melbourne Food and Wine Festival earlier this year, a role he held for
over five years and one which has seen him transform the Festival into
a world-class event.

Matt has written and reviewed for a number of Australia’s most
prestigious publications, including Epicure (The Age), Vogue
Entertaining & Travel (Senior Editor), Delicious (Senior Editor),
Australian Good Taste, The Guardian newspaper (UK) and Time Out
(London). He is also National Chair of Judges at the Restaurant &
Catering Industry Association’s National Awards for Excellence.

Matt brings a dazzling array of scarves and cravats as well as a
dozen years experience as a reviewer, eating his way around Australia
and the world, to MasterChef Australia. He is debonair and cultured,
and the contestants will be desperate to impress him with their dishes.

“Some of Australia’s best cooking doesn’t happen in restaurants but
in ordinary Aussie homes. MasterChef Australia celebrates these great
home cooks, whether it is a mum of three, a lawyer, a labourer or a
foodie who sees cooking as their hobby. It’s a show that unites
Australians of all backgrounds and from all walks of life through a
common love of food and the joy we all share breaking bread together” –
Matt Preston.