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Another swoon-worthy pic of Matt LeNevez with his baby boy.

He kept his little family quiet long enough. Now he’s showing them off…

Another heart-jerking photo of our favourite hot dad. On June 12, Who Magazine released photos of Matt Le Nevez’s baby. And now, Who Magazine has released another exclusive photo of the new dad with his adorable bub. Which only gives proof to all our fantasies that Le Nevez make’s one hot baby-daddy.

Who Magazine reports:

While Le Nevez’s partner of six years, Michelle Smith, 34, is nursing their newborn son at their West Hollywood home, the actor is staying in touch through Skype while he films the next series of TV drama Love Child in Sydney. “It’s such a beautiful thing for me to watch, to see this woman I’ve been in love with for years become this incredible mother, so effortlessly,” he says, admitting he can’t wait to be reunited with his family in Australia in the coming weeks. “It’s crazy, every day we Skype he looks slightly different, and he becomes more alert and awake. It’s an amazing feeling. I’m literally counting the days until they arrive.”

Offspring star @mattlenevez shows off his beautiful son Levi in @whomagazine

On the 1st of June, Le Nevez broke every female's hearts. Twice. He revealed via Instagram that he has a partner, Michelle Monique, (the best kept secret) and she had just given birth to their son, Levi.

Via Who Magazine Account
Via Who Magazine Account

According to WHO Magazine's website:

The Offspring star reveals exclusive images of newborn son Levi as he opens up to WHO about the overwhelming emotion of becoming a parent for the first time. "As soon as you meet them and you see yourself and your partner in this little person, it's just completely life changing," says Le Nevez. "Literally, in that moment everything changes and you just get a huge shot of love in the heart."

Via Matt Le Nevez Instagram

Matt captioned the above Instagram image with "going to miss these precious hands, counting the days my darling Michelle Monique" on 1 June 2014.