“I walked through Matt Blatt and decided that it’s the most Instagram-worthy shop I’ve ever been into.”

Matt Blatt showrooom
Matt Blatt
Thanks to our brand partner, Matt Blatt

I still believe that when I grow up I’ll be an interior designer.

It’s what I studied after high school, and although I’m heading into my late 30s and I’ve been a journalist for 15 years, I often still daydream about becoming an interior stylist in a parallel life.

I think it’s because there’s comfort and satisfaction in creating a space that makes you feel something.

Whether that’s feeling cosy and comfortable, or energised or inspired, I love that interiors can move you.

That’s also probably why one of my favourite Saturday afternoon activities is wandering through furniture or homeware stores.

Almond latte in hand, I often meander through my favourite interior stores, dreaming up rooms in my head and scouting for statement pieces I could work into my own apartment.

Matt Blatt is one of my favourite stores to do this in. The word eclectic doesn’t even cut it when it comes to describing what’s on offer there.


On any given day you might find a mid-century sideboard styled next to a Moroccan-inspired glass coffee table, and it just works. Right behind that will be an almost life-sized giraffe statue – just because. And it’s because of that unexpected quirkiness that I love my visits there.

I recently dropped into their Sydney flagship showroom in Alexandria (they have 12 showrooms around Australia and an awesome online store). Here’s a look at my latest faves from the effortlessly Instagrammable and inspirational Matt Blatt floor:

Matt Blatt showroom

Not many stores have quirky visual merchandise by way of hanging monkeys and jungle vines. So cool.

Matt Blatt showroom

In my parallel life I'm brave enough to have a mustard yellow couch (this one is called the Kenneth Dahl Marine Sofa with Chaise). I love that this sofa with chaise is compact enough for a small apartment but still has heaps of seating room.

I really like when a showroom is set up like a real-life house so you can get a proper sense of what's possible. Art leaning against the walls and an open clothes rack (aka the United Strangers Trunk Wardrobe) gave this section a bohemian arty vibe.

Matt Blatt showroom

Yep, I got on the bed in the store. The use of a low sideboard (this is actually the Century Entertainment Unit) at the base of the bed is a really clever way to sneak in more storage for shoes or linen. It also gives you a spot to fold back the doona or put decorative pillows when you get into bed at night. Clever.

Matt Blatt showroom

I found this guy in the section where kids can play while parents shop. I'm not sure if he's for sale but I love him.

Matt Blatt showroom

Such a quirky mix of pieces which makes you think about how you could style your own home differently. The United Strangers Apex Queen Bed is so unique and would look right at home in a New York-inspired loft interior.

Matt Blatt showroom

I'm on the hunt for a new couch and I think this guy might be it (it's the Cairns 3 Seater Sofa). Classic but still modern, I can imagine styling it with different accessories depending on what look I'm going for (currently tossing up between Moroccan or Slim Aaron's vibes for my next home refresh).

Matt Blatt showroom

This Replica Jorgen Hovelskov Harp Chair is everything. It's that statement piece in the corner that hovers you just above the floor, and makes your home look fancy AF. WANT.

Matt Blatt showroom

If you're not in the market for new furniture you can always find eclectic and affordable art or homewares. I think this little guy in the batman cape is coming home with me next visit.

Matt Blatt showroom

What's a browse through a designer furniture store without a few giraffes or camels?

Matt Blatt showroom

I'm firmly in the Smarties-are-better-than-M&Ms camp so this throw cushion really speaks to me. The whole range of unusual cushions is a really fun way to inject some light-hearted personality into a living room.

Matt Blatt showroom

Oh, and I made a new mate on the way out, too. He's the Book Sitter Lamp and he's reading War and Peace, in case you were wondering.

What's your favourite interior look? Tell us in the comments!

This content was created with thanks to our brand partner Matt Blatt.

At Matt Blatt, bland is banned! Matt Blatt is Australia’s go-to destination for discerning design fans. With 12 showrooms around Australia and an online store, it has established itself as a leading retailer of innovative furniture and homewares. It sells high-quality pieces from all around the globe which are a curated combination of international designs, Australian designs and exclusive original ranges. The brand is the brainchild of Adam and Deborah Drexler who founded Matt Blatt in 2002. Matt Blatt showrooms can be found across Australia in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide and Canberra.